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What is leadership? What is the relationship between acts of leadership and rhetoric? What role does language and communication play in the creation, recognition, and maintenance of leadership?  What role does rhetorical listening and rhetorical silencing play in leadership?  
Impromptu Leadership and Rhetorical Listening: Ruminating, Negotiating, Witnessing 
| Invited to Rhetoric Society of America Conference (2014)|
Leadership: I am invited to present this project at the Rhetoric Society of America Conference (2014) in San Antonio. I offer a model to understand small, everyday acts of leadership as rhetorical and discursive acts. I focus primarily on the role rhetorical listening and silence play in creating impromptu leaders. 
Some college admissions programs (such as Oregon State University and Northeastern University’s Torch Program) are beginning to prompt prospective students about their involvement in leadership; this writing task is meant to be an alternative to standardized testing to guage the potential of student achievement. How is leadership represented through writing? What does a students involvement with leadership represent?