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Thesis Project
| a Work in Progress |
The Ethics of Multimodal Assessment: Self-Identification 
| Invited - Conference of College Composition and Communication (2014) |
What does assessment look like in a convergence culture? What kind of system of assessment occurs in communties of practice in online environments? How assessment practices online converge with assessment practices in the classroom?
Self-Identification: My panel and I are invited to speak at the Conference of College Composition and Communication (2014) in Indianpolis. Our interactive presentation confronts questions of multimodal assessment. My presentation, specifically, raises questions about student participation in creating assessment criteria and whether this practice is benefitial or possible. 
Thesis Project: My thesis is framed around how value is negotiated between instructor and student in the First Year Composition classroom. I focus my research on the role the student plays when instructors attempt to negotiate rubric criteria to evaluate student work. Specifically, I am questioning whether students are capable of the kind of negotiation that instructors prompt. To explore this, I conducted research across two FYC courses that attempted to negotiate rubric criteria; I interviewed and survey students; observed classroom activities; and surveyed instructors.

Writing Assessment

Ongoing Questions

Connected to Everyday Writing

Connected to Multimodal Composing

Connected to the Digital

Where does assessment occur?  How are everyday experiences and texts assessed? How can teachers of English tap into everyday forms of assessment?
Should multimodal composing be highlighted in state or national testing? How would that look? How can the assessment logics of one medium in one environment affect or influence the assessment logics of another medium in another environment? 

Relevant Projects

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