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Mutlitmodal Composing

Ongoing Questions

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Relevant Projects

Metaphorically Seeing: Talking about Visuals with Terms 
| Publication in Process |
| Chapter for On Writing, Florida State University Edition (2014) |
Terms: This book chapter will be part of Florida State University's First-Year Composition textbook: On Writin. This chapter provides students with terminology to discuss visual rhetoric. The goal of the project is for students to be able to understand how visuals work so they can both anaylze visual texts and have a better understanding to compose with visuals. 
I Learned it Through (the) Grape Vine: Using Vine as a tool for Re-vision and Re-Seeing 
| Presented to 21st Century Literacies Lecture Series (2013) |
| Recipient of Award for Best Poster |
| Click here to view poster |
Vine: This poster presentation was part of a local, interdisciplinary event: 21st Century Literacies Lecture Series. My poster explores how Vine--a mobile app used to share and create videos--can be used as a tool for revising student's print projects by re-seeing the project through the layering of logics in print and video. This poster project was awarded for Best Poster. 
What place does multimodality have in the composition classroom? How can layered literacies be used in the classroom? What place does visual rhetoric have in the composition classroom? How does tutoring in a Digital Studio differ to writing center tutoring? What's similar?
How do we assess multimodal, multimedia, visual projects? How can logics of multimodal assessment help understand print assessment? What does a scholarly text look like in the 21st century? How do we assess that kind of work?
What does everyday writing look like in the 21st century?  What kind of composing do our students do outside the classroom? How can instructors tap into our students' assessment practices of multimodal composing outside of the classroom?
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